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My name is Jeremy Pavao. In February 2015, My wife and I received that dreaded phone call saying, “Your child has lice”. My wife had some experience dealing with lice from a past job. She began the painstaking procedure known as nitpicking. After about five hours of nitpicking, tears, and stress, everyone went to bed. The next morning when my wife looked at my daughter’s head, she was mortified. It was as if she never spent any time the night before nitpicking for hours.

I spent countless hours searching the internet looking for a solution or quick fix. I came across the AirAllé machine and Lice Clinics of America. I found a clinic in Newton, MA and immediately called them in order to get our daughter seen as soon as possible! We had the most relaxing and enjoyable experience that you can have dealing with lice. Once I saw the results, I immediately contacted Lice Clinics of America. I wanted my fellow Rhode Islanders to have a local clinic to help them when their child gets lice. So just four short months later we opened our doors in June 2015.